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You plan to come in Paris and to have memories with the iconic Eiffel tower in the background. No doubt, you have 3 possibilities. Here i tell you 2 locations: from Trocadero and from Bir Hakeim bridge.
Let’s come back to our family with their so cute little girl. As you probably know, i run a studio in Paris (a real one, not just a name) specialized in family, pregnancy, babies and children, then i know how it is tricky to make photos with young children.

We have a very important phase of observations, during these first minutes they decide if they will collaborate or not. As usual, “Elle” was very shy, the balloons was a good idea and gives opportunities to help here to be focused on something and to forget me. Minute after minute she started to smile and specially when i made funny faces…i love the last photo of the photoshoot.

family photo with balloons in front of eiffel tower
hug with parents in front of eiffel tower
hug with dad in Paris
view on Eiffel tower from Trocadero
view on Eiffel tower from Trocadero
little girl playing with the balloons in Paris
a cute little girl at Trocadero
view on Eiffel tower from Trocadero garden
classic iconic bii hakeim bridge in black and white
view on Eiffel tower from Bir Hakeim bridge for thi sfamily
early morning for sunrise at Bir Hakeim bridge
a coupl ein love with their little cute girl at Bir Hakeim bridge

Family photographer in Paris

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