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Today we are in front of the Eiffel tower for a very early sunrise proposal in Paris at Eiffel tower. Dion is in love with Paris and in love with Sheila. Then it was obvious to come to Paris and the Eiffel tower (the best iconic place for that purpose) to pop up the question. We choosed a perfect timing with the sunrise and we were lucky with the weather. A great sunrise like in Spring although we are in winter. This is a paparazzi shoot, Sheila don’t know i am here for them. I just pretending to be a tourist making selfie (i am very good for that comedy) ready to shoot the moment. I saw them arriving and walking around but it seemed Sheila did not want to come there, at the place i choosed. Dion was very good to explain the view etc etc..and suddenly he started to read a letter.

you can read about my approach and more proposal in paris here

here a few pics of the proposal.

Sunrise proposal at Eiffel tower 16
Sunrise proposal at Eiffel tower 17Sunrise proposal at Eiffel tower 18Sunrise proposal at Eiffel tower 19Sunrise proposal at Eiffel tower 20

Do you want to make something different for your proposal in Paris? why not a sunrise proposal at Eiffel tower, then contact me !!
paris photographer for proposal in front of eiffel tower

Mohammad Atiq Al kindi

Hello ,,

Greeting from Dubai ,,

kindly be infromed that im coming soon to paris on the valentine day and i would like to propose my girlfriend in front of Eiffel tower and i wish a Photographer to take our photo .


Mohammad Atiq

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