Why to make your proposal in Paris

Paris is still the most visited city in the world, for the history ? probably… for the food ? hummm, for sure…. for the iconic locations like Eiffel tower or Alexandre III bridge?, if i take in account the number of request with these, i think yes… for the inspiration around love?, definitively yes.

Actually you think about Paris for your proposal because all of these reasons, no one in particular, but because it’s obvious it will be Paris.


My approach to cover your proposal

2 possibilities very different and depending on your feeling and expectations.


As a paparazzi shooting

From the starting point (i explain in detail when you book my service) i follow you pretending to be a tourist and i follow you until you pop up the question and then right after we do a few photos. The point is to explain to your fiançé you want to be at « this place » at « this time », can be difficult specially if you would like to do it at sunrise 😉

I like to make it in 2 steps: proposal and engagement photoshoot (in Paris or anywhere) i remember a proposal early morning in March it was raining a lot, the guy was really stressed and both were dressed with poncho against the rain, for me it’s funny but for you maybe you have another context in mind. Another time it was planned at the Louvre, close to the pyramid and unfortunately it was close for an event. Then i had to find a new solution in real time and to give the informations to my client. Finally we did it and it was a great moment.


During a standard photoshoot

Your fiançé-e is aware of the session and ready  (make up, nice stylish clothes…) it’s easy to choose the good moment depending on people around, when you feel comfortable you pop up the question « do you want marry me? » or what ever you feel good. We choose the location together but unplanned event can always affect this, i know very well the different places for each moment of the day. We can change, to be  flexible is the root of our job.

Same sex proposal

I have the opportunity to do it men and women, As paparazzi or planned photoshoot. One of them was just so stressed that we postponed to the next day in order to take a breath… Finally it was very great and emotional.



The next step to book

Do you would like to organize your proposal in Paris with me ? Start to fill a contact form to get in touch explain the ideas you have in mind: date, locations, timing or if you need help.
I will send you my rates and several option allowing to reach your budget.

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