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A proposal in Paris done following a paparazzi mode… not so obvious if you want to capture great and emotional moments, specially when you want to be in a quite area. Probably you have seen so many in Trocadero, finally even in the morning it’s easy because a lot of people are around there and the photographer can pretend to wait for different couple or to play like a tourist with his camera. After a lot mail i proposed this place i know very well, along a river and in front of the Eiffel tower. As usual Tyler as “not yet fiançé” was very very anxious. The point we can highlight there is just imagine you will be stressed (for sure) and then try to keep in mind to go quickly to avoid she/he  paid attention to me…
He was so happy she said yes and his “gotchaaaa” was like a victory. Charmea (cute firstname isn’t it?) has been very very surprised when Tyler put a knee on the ground… i have to say i love these moments of happyness. To participate to the first moments of a family story (i know the story started when they meet each other for the first time, but let me imagine…

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Like the similar previous posts, I will be proposing to my longtime girlfriend in Paris on 30 September, 2014 and was wondering if you were available for a photoshoot.




I will be in Paris on the Weekend of April 18,2014 and am planning on proposing to my girlfriend. I am looking for a photographer to capture the amazing moment and wanted to know if you would be available that weekend. I know this is very short notice and I do apologies for that. If you can kindly contact me asap and let me know if this works for you. I am looking for
proposals photos and the actual video while i’ll be proposing.
I was also interested in taking engagement photos around the city if possible.

I am looking to propose to my girlfriend in paris on februrary 15th, 2014 and I am looking for someone to do a quick little photo shoot during/after. I am thinking about doing it at the “love locks” bridge, but I could use some guidance from a local photographer if he/she thinks that would be a nice area for photos or if I should go somewhere else. Also I wanted to do it in the evening when there were less people around because I don’t want to do it in a crowd.

How much do you charge for this?

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use the contact page

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