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Rodd wanted to organize a paparazzi shoot for his proposal. That’s not easy specially at a location where you are alone under the rain…The trick is to arrive on location and to start the proposal very fast to avoid the fiançée looks too much around and see the photographer. Even if he is looking like a tourist with hearset for music or reading a book (it was my case). This place isone of my favorite, even if it’s difficult. Maybe you have seen this one too: proposal in paris in front of eiffel tower
If you want to do it like that, i have plenty of good plan to submit to you..;-) trust me

you can read about my approach and more proposal in paris here

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I with my wife will be at Paris around 18-20th June, this is our 2nd honeymoon after our 8 years married. so i would like to give her a suprise proposal and a unforgettable photo session in parIs. I would like to know the pricing and details. Pls email be to me, thank you.

My boyfriend and I will be coming to Paris February 14 2015 and would like to have some photos taken.

Can you please email me pricing.

Thank you,


I am taking my girlfriend to Paris December 22 and am planning to propose in front of the Eiffel Tower December 23 in the late afternoon/dusk. I would love to see what you would offer for ideas to do a secret/paparazzi style photo shoot as I ask her to marry me. My goal is to have one beautiful photo from a distance as I propose with the Eiffel Tower behind us. Can you please send me info, pricing, photo ideas, etc? I think I prefer in the main courtyard as you get off the metro as the location, but would love your thoughts. I have dinner reservations that evening at 7PM afterwards, and sun sets at 4:56PM, curious your recommend on timing. 4 or 4:30PM? Thank you so much, I look forward to hearing from you!

Hello, I am planning a trip to Paris at the end of October and I plan to propose to my girlfriend while we are there. I am hoping to get a professional photographer to capture the moment as well take some photos of s after. Do you have packages? I really enjoyed your album titled “proposal in paris under the rain on the river bank”.

Please let me know and thank you!!
Adam Groshko

Hi my name is Juli and my couple is Debora we are going to Paris from United States on September 18, it’s a surprise proposal. We are a lesbian couple we been 8 years together and I want to surprise her and have someone to capture that special moment so our family and friends can see it. I would like more info on the packages.

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