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John asked me to organize a session for his couple during their travel in Paris. For Eileen it was just a session but between John and me it was a lot more…Th eplan was to do his proposal in between the fontain of Trocadero facing the Eiffel tower. The surprise visible on Eileen face is obvious, she was so happy. We shooted afew pics more to keep memory of the location and we decided to come back at night on the river bank

you can read about my approach and more proposal in paris here

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jacques Mateos, paris photographer for proposal


Hi, I will be traveling to Paris from 11 to 17 December. I intend to propose to my girlfriend and would like to capture the moment. May I know the price and the package for that? Thank you.

Wow! Talk about a posting knkniocg my socks off!

Hi there,
I would like to propose in Paris either by the Eiffell tower or on the Love Lock bridge. Can you please let me know your rates and further details?
Obviously I’d want to keep this totally discreet on the day as she will not be expecting it.

Hi there – We’re in Paris for awhile and I’d like to set up a surprise proposal for my fiancee then do say, 3 hours, at iconic sites in the city. Please let me know your rates for something like this, and your delivery options? Thanks! Leigh

Whoa, things just got a whole lot eareis.

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