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A&G decided to shoot very early for their first part of pre wedding photoshoot and to catch the light of sunrise and we were really lucky because it was magical with a orange and then red behind the clouds. Eiffel from Trocadero is probably the spot the most known and the photos the most viewed. My goal is to help you to have something unique either with angles of frame, emotion or natural colors. The same ideas for the night shoot, i try to avoid the most common photos and look for something different. When i see a bycicle near the Louvre immediatly i have the idea to make a parisian photo in black and white giving the atmosphere of a local couple riding a bycicle with a wedding dress (we do this every day, for sure…)

sunrise photos in parisPrewedding at Sunrise 1Prewedding at Sunrise 2Prewedding at Sunrise 3Prewedding at Sunrise 4Prewedding at Sunrise 5Prewedding at Sunrise 6Prewedding at Sunrise 7Prewedding at Sunrise 8Prewedding at Sunrise 9Prewedding at Sunrise 10Prewedding at Sunrise 11

Paris photographer for pre wedding

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