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B & F have wished to make different pregnancy photos. For this they asked me to do a session in my studio in Montmartre and an outdoor session. I publish only outdoor as a babymoon in Paris, the studio shoot is more private. Our idea was to avoid tourist places, the real subject is their love and the expectation of their baby and not the Eiffel tower or other buildings. B & F come from Latin America and live in Paris for a few years, they wanted a quiet, green but also where you could see Paris. Naturally I offered them Buttes Chaumont, a place I know well for having lived there a few years and have done several sessions: an elopement in Paris or photoshoot in Buttes Chaumont – Paris.

The advantage of this place is that it is frequented by local people, no crowd, everyone takes his time and there cross all kinds of people. So it does not surprise anyone to see 2 lovers sitting on the grass and a photographer circling around.

The other advantage of the place is the disparity of styles, the cave with the waterfall (which does not work all the time in winter), the lawns, the forest, the bridge, the lake, the little temple at the top (you did you pay attention?) the differences of level with the hills … In short all that dreams a photographer in a single place in Paris.

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Pregnancy and babymoon photos in Paris

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