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Joanna & Alexandre get married in Poland but they live in Paris. Finally this photoshoot has been scheduled to realize the photos a sunday morning allowing to have very few people in the street and in the old passage where i love shooting the couple who want old style and vintage feeling. We started gently allowing them to be comfortable and more an dmore we took some special poses and scenario. They were a bit anxious at the beginning and very quicklye they went above my expectations, specially for a sunday morning..

Some samples of this amazing morning:

photoshoot in Paris 1photoshoot in Paris 2photoshoot in Paris 3photoshoot in Paris 4photoshoot in Paris 5photoshoot in Paris 6photoshoot in Paris 7photoshoot in Paris 8photoshoot in Paris 9photoshoot in Paris 10photoshoot in Paris 11photoshoot in Paris 12photoshoot in Paris 13photoshoot in Paris 14photoshoot in Paris 15photoshoot in Paris 16photoshoot in Paris 17

paris photographer for engagement session

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