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Your photographer in Paris, live an experience


You think “photo and Paris” ?… you are on the right website !!

Version for mobile of “My Paris photographer” is the website of Jacques Mateos. French photographer based in Paris, France, dedicated to photograph in Paris.  This site  specializes in portrait photography, engagement, proposal , vows or any session for couple or family before or after their wedding.

My style is definitively a contemporary photography, i am  influenced by photojournalism and fashion editorials, but finally i am just a photographer. I don’t require my clients to take fancy pose for me and I help them to achieve more relaxed photos.


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I speak English with a real Parisian tone (close your eyes, yes you are in Paris…..) I am born in Paris, I live in Paris, I love Paris. I grew up close to La Bastille and the old town was my sand box. If you want to pose in front of the touristic monuments with a cheesy attitude, you don’t need me. if you want to discover some nice streets, to try real cafe without tourists, a little restaurant with “normal price” just send me a mail and I will propose something amazing for you.

You can have a look on my others websitse dedicated to pre wedding and elopement in Paris or wedding in France or oversea