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I was a bit stressed for this session and i was very happy at the same time. It’s not my first session with a couple in love, basically that’s my day to day job, but it was my first session with a same sex couple. The first answer is “just work the same way…” and finally yes, i did the same way, after saying to them it was my first time, i was also very happy to listen they were thinking the same question about me. A very good basis to start. Then let start…

The idea was to let the “famous iconic spots” for the others and to go deeply in Paris like real local people. As i proposed to go to Montmartre (i like this area with a big potential with little street and pavement) we got at the same time the little spot and the iconic pics with the church in the background. The walk in Montmartre with Nathan & Josh is difficult to describe with words, specially to describe the relationship between them, the photos are most expressive. Finally we moved to “my” parc to be able to make some very intimate pics on the old railway and in the forest.

Take a walk with us…


jacques mateos photographer in paris for same sex couple


We would like to inquire about a same sex session with you for Aug 26, 2015. We are 2 beautiful woman in Love flying from NYC to Paris. We were thinking shoots by the Eiffel Tower and perhaps 1 more landmark. Please advise your rates and availability. Thanks

I love the artistic feel of this engagement series. So beautiful!


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