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They came from Russia for their Love story in Paris. To make it differently as usual I picked them up after a diner in a nice restaurant in Paris and we started with the night session (even if i put the sunrise first for sorting of the pictures) then not necessary to highlight it was very relax, it was…. we decided before what kind of spots with iconic areas. The day after we started very early to shot with the sunrise in Montmartre. I showed them my secret places i like to be… Finally why to call it “love story”? because the idea is to show how the love is obvious in the pictures, and love is not related to a wedding, or engagement or honeymoon or what else. You can be dressed with wedding attirails or simply casual. I like to start with your day to day clothes because it helps me to know you. For this one we did the opposite. We decided to make the sunrise photoshoot like an engagement  and the night session like a special one with wedding dress more “chic” but both are full of love…. a real love story in Paris (do you know the movie?, if you can send me the Youtube link with your request i do a discount)
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I will be in Paris from 17 June(evening) to 23 june (noon).I’m looking to get a 4 location(main Parisian landmarks) photoshoot for my self and wife.Beeing my self a wedding photographer wondering if I can get the RAW files also.Please send me some package prices with all the fees included(I’m not a fan of surprises 🙂 )
Thank you
George Pal

Can you please provide price and inclusions for a 2015 package similar to Nina and Dimitri?

Would u please let me know the price of 2015 paris pre-wedding package and what included in the package? Thank you.

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