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Scott visited Nanci for a few days in Paris before she finished the University in Pau. The idea was some photos with a romantic city feel. Quite easy with the weather which pushed to stay embraced. A low sun and cloudy ambiancy gave us the opportunity to walk along the river and in Le Marais in very little street i know for having special light… Just like that.


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Jacques Mateos, photoshoot and love story in paris


hey jacques,im pooja from india i visiting paris on23 or 24 th september of this year on 14th feb 2016 its gonna be my 5th wedding anniversary and during our wedding we werent blessed with a good photographer to capture our special moments i alway feel that miss for past 5 year so when i came upon your website i was really thrilled and wanted to jump on the opportunity please let me know if you can help us capture our romance,care and love in the worlds best city PARIS!!!!!

Hey, that’s a clever way of thinking about it.

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