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how to prepare your Paris photo session

to choose the locations in Paris

Paris is a huge city with several centuries of history, but the most iconics places has been built during or after the 16th century, for example “Le Louvre”. Then the first question is to define if you want to have historical buildings or iconics or modern or both. Taking in account the frame can be as a landscape or more a portrait with a blurred background.

Le Louvre

photoshoot by paris photographer in montmartre
a photoshoot session in paris

Seine riverside

a photo session in Paris during winter


The river is by itself an iconic place providing a romantic atmospher. The light is specially good at different moment of the day and then, very interesting when we are close to a nice area.

pregnancy session in paris, pregnant photos with eiffel tower
an elopment in paris

For sure the most requested is the Eiffel tower, plenty of potographers advise to shoot from Trocadero early morning.

Tour Eiffel

photoshoot by paris photographer in montmartre
photoshoot by paris photographer in Trocadero
honeymoon photoshoot in paris, couple portrait
do you want to marry me in paris

One of my favorite because it’s really Parisian and not only iconic is Montmartre. Offering plenty of creative possibilities with the street, the café, the stairs.


engagement session in Paris, Montmartre with a live experience a
engagement in paris, sacré coeur church
photoshoot by paris photographer in montmartre

what is the good time during  day or night

Some places are most interesting or with great potential early morning or at twilight or at sunset or at night. It’s often related to the fact it can be crowded, we can use the people around but it can also ruined your pictures.

by Daylight

engagement in paris
the louvre for a session
alexandre III bridge
family photographer 53

by Night

a session by night, eiffel tower couple photo

elopement in paris

photographer in paris for a proposal-29photographe-04couple by night at Louvre pyramidcouple by night at Eiffel tower

to define your style

Basically what is your style, your day to day style? casual every day and even to go to work or always very fashion oriented ? It’s an important question to define in which style you are comfortable. Don’t try to become the person you are not. Maybe your dream is to have a “role” in the photoshoot, that’s different and then we can build together something different.


an elopment in paris

photoshoot by paris photographer in montmartre

a funny session in paris by jacques mateos145-Julie-0774engagement session in Paris, Montmartre with a live experience aengagement in Montmartre, a beloved approach for a real live exp

renew of vows in pris, engagement session at Eiffel tower and seine river.

couple by night at Louvre pyramid

paris photographer-033paris photographer-039

paris photographer 48
paris photographer 18

why to use some props

Even if i work with a moment design approach and in a way you will be comfortable with me, the props allow to use it as a support to start the session. It can be balloons or flowers or umbrella…

photography in paris by summer
family photographer 61
honeymoon photoshoot in montmartre, couple portrait
a funny session in paris by jacques mateos
photography in paris by summer