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Ingrid and Christopje just married a few weeks before to come in Paris for their Honeymoon. They came from Austria for having good moments in Paris and choose some opened area to take a walk without to be disturbed by tourist and people around. We were lucky with the sun and started quite early (as usual).
Take a walk with us…

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jacques mateos, photographer in Paris


i want to know how much would be a package for 2 hour photo session,as i am visiting paris with my husband in the time between 25th of july to 1st of august & we are looking forward to take such a package?!
also we want to know if transportation is included or not?
Thank you!

Hi, we will be in Paris between on the 6th and 10th of July for honeymoon vacation.
We would like to have photos around Paris which are taken by a professinal photographer … could you please give the price information and other required details
i am looking forward to your response.
Thank you

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