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E&B decided to come in Paris for their honeymoon… unfortunately, as you can see, the weather was not on our side. But they decided to be happy without blue sky and warm temperature… JUst got an umbrella to repeat “i am singin in the rain”…. The good point is we did not meet too much people… and i did not have to fight for having an empty background. Even under the rain or clouds, PAris stay the number one for the romantic atmospher and it’s incredible to note the smile on the face of the person we cross in the street. Finally for the night session it’s was more comfortable, at least without rain and she decided to stay casual (the wedding dress was drying) We wre very lucky to have a clear sky for the sunset just with the blue note…

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Jacques Mateos,honeymoon photographer in Paris


Hi, I really like your work. I am going to visit Paris with my husband and I would like to make some special pictures next to the Eiffeil Tower and the romantic setting there. Therefore I will bring my wedding dress with me to take these pictures. I would like to know how much a photo shooting like this would cost?

Kelso and Karen Parker

We are leaving Sept. 02,2014. We like to take a wedding

photo . we are staying at the hotel in la defense sofitel.


My Fiancé and I are looking to have couples photos done in Paris (in our wedding attire) on Oct 7th.
Can I please ask how much your packages are and if you are available this day?
Your work is beautiful!

Kind regards,

Hi, we are from Hong Kong and would like to take prewedding or honeymoon photos in Paris in Sept 2014.

Your photos are great and extremely beautiful and I love your photography styles which is so natural and attractive. We are looking for a package price including makeup and rent your gowns and suits.

Grateful if you can give us your quote for our reference.

Thanks a lot

Dear sirs

Me and my husband will be married 7 years this april and would like to come to paris for a loveshoot. We have tee daughters who will also be there. We would like to shoot on the 18 th of april, are you available and what is your price.


Dennis and Rebecca Boeren

My partner and I are coming to Paris tomorrow and would like an hour or two shoot to exchange rings near the Eiffel Tower. 415 488-3967

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