Family photoshoot

Family photography in Paris

A great experience, a lot of happy moments and smiles together.

You can experience your family photography photo shoot inside a sophisticated studio in Paris with a professional photographer of your choosing, or you can choose to explore the beautiful city of Paris with every member of your family. With each passing year, you will grow and so will every member of your family. Having annual family photos captured will showcase the advancements you make in life each year. From the time your children were newborns until they have children of their own, these are all memories that you will want to remember, and annual family photos will allow you to do that. After all, seeing as we evolve each year, it can be all too easy to forget the characteristics that we possessed at certain times within our lives. If you have welcomed a new pet into your lives or just received a new promotion, photographs of your family bonding and celebrating together will certainly present heartfelt images that you can enjoy for the rest of your lives, as well as remember the milestones and excitement that you encountered. Creating memories together as a family is something that you can be truly proud to look back on. Smiles and laughter will fill your hearts as you enjoy the company of one another.

Take a trip to the Tuileries Garden with your family on a holiday or you can take the entire family to Luxembourg Garden where you get to mark your family photography portraits’ backgrounds with some drips of greeneries. You can as well visit Basilique du Sacre with your family during Christmas to celebrate the beautiful season together with some photo shoots. Your kids will surely remember this experience come next Christmas! You can even take a walk along the river, blow bubbles, visit the park, or snap some fascinating moments together at picnic…being yourselves within your photo shoots, and just having fun with one another, will create photos that are so beautiful and real, for stunning memories to look back on.

Family photo session

You choose the iconic parisian location
30 mns - full day photo tour
10+ edited photos
private online gallery to download and print

from € 185

You come in Paris with your family

For your vacations,  as a gift for your teen, or just because you love to come in Paris and to enjoy the city with your family. If you plan to travel with your toddler, don’t worry. I am used to make photos with toddler or even new born in my studio in Montmartre. The way i work is not really posing, even if i choose the location (for the background) the angle (for the light). My approach is to make candid and snapshot photos of your family.

We can choose iconic locations, ok or we can take a walk around…the idea i keep in mind is to capture your best moments and your family  relationship in a candid and joyful way.

Family photoshoot 1

Family photoshoot 2

Magic Flight Studio is the name of my french studio in Montmartre…

Balloons or not balloons for your session, or hat ?

The balloons is a good idea for the children and also for the parents. Just to avoid to be too cheesy at the beginning. Actually everyone is cheesy at the beginning and after 10mns you feel more comfortable, easy with me… you will forget the balloons to be more natural.

Like in studio, an accessory is helpful to help you to move and to have natural attitude, then be creative and not shy

Family photoshoot 3 Family photoshoot 4

Family photoshoot 5 Family photoshoot 6 Family photoshoot 7


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