They comes from LA for a family photoshoot in Paris, on vacations for a few days in Paris. S&V are really amateurs of the Parisian way of life. They came several time, V speaks a bit french with a very good accent. They decided to share this experience with their 2 young daughters. S said me “no need landmark to capture the city”. Ok, then i proposed to meet at the Ponf Neuf, i like this area so much with a lot of opprotunities. When i saw th efamily and the zebra in the street, i immediately thought about “Yesterday”, the movie, do you guess what i mean ?? They are both so charming and they go so well together it was really inspiring and easy.

After walking on the bridge and around, we did a loop to finally finish at Place Dauphine. I explained the basic rules of “La pétanque”, if you love the french culture, you need to know “La Pétanque”. A very old game specially in south east of France but now very trendy everywhere and synonym of friendless and good time…
We had good time

family at Pont neuf
family photoshoot at Pont neuf
family photoshoot at Pont neuf
chilling at Pontneuf
kiss at pont neuf
family photoshoot at Pont neuf
Jumping at place dauphine
petanque player at place dauphine
enjoying the place dauphine
parents without th edaughters in paris
parents without th edaughters in paris
parents without the daughters in paris
Family photoshoot in Paris 1
Family photoshoot in Paris 2
Family photoshoot in Paris 3
Family photoshoot in Paris 4
Family photoshoot in Paris 5
Family photoshoot in Paris 6

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