Teresa & David choosed to come in Paris for their elopement. A huge effort for David who hate to flight, and from Melbourne it’s a very very long travel. I had the time to talk with their celebrant: Christine from Celebrant in France and to propose the place for the ceremony at the bottom of the Hill at Buttes Chaumont, in order to have the Sybille temple in the background. A very nice place, above the water, just narrow enough to avoid to have people around and to keep an intimate atmospher. A drink and 2 slices later (smoked salmon at a cafe with their friends) and we start for a tour in paris inside a old car….. They are very charming and it was obvious to stay outside the touristic area and crowd…

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      jacques Mateos, photographer for elopement in Paris


      Good Afternoon

      My Fiance and I are Eloping to Paris in November of this year. I was wondering if you could provide me with prices for photography and video services for our special day.

      We are not having a ceremony just pictures by the Eifel Tower.

      Thank you so much

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