Another photos of an elopement in Paris, not exactly in Paris, we are near Chateau de Versailles   in Louveciennes,in the beautiful and amazing Pavillon de musique de la Dubarry , if you don’t know yet the story of this venue, i advise to read it on the website (a story between the king, Louis XIV and Madame Dubarry, his love..)

      Anyway, today we are here to celebrate the love between Leslyn and Brett. Not obvious but he is really  under pressure. An elopement is really different, it’s a wedding, without people around, only the celebrant and the photographer as whitnesses. I choose to let a lot of photos to keep the sequence and to let you the possibility to look on their face, the stress, the hapinness, the smiles. The celebrant has a very importan trole, it’s not only about toread a text, no! it’s also to listen the silence in between the words, to know when to slowdown the flow. To smile, to let the couple to have the time for them to enjoy and to memorize the moments. Sometimes it’s difficult even for me because the emotions are surrounding. In this venue, it’s amplified by the architecture, the silence. Every word, every breath takes place in the silence..


      It’s all about emotion…

      Elopement in Paris 1Elopement in Paris 2Elopement in Paris 3Elopement in Paris 4Elopement in Paris 5Elopement in Paris 6Elopement in Paris 7Elopement in Paris 8Elopement in Paris 9Elopement in Paris 10img class=”size-full wp-image-3330″ src=”” alt=”” width=”900″ height=”601″ />Elopement in Paris 11Elopement in Paris 12Elopement in Paris 13Elopement in Paris 14Elopement in Paris 15Elopement in Paris 16Elopement in Paris 17Elopement in Paris 18Elopement in Paris 19Elopement in Paris 20Elopement in Paris 21Elopement in Paris 22Elopement in Paris 23Elopement in Paris 24Elopement in Paris 25Elopement in Paris 26Elopement in Paris 27Elopement in Paris 28Elopement in Paris 29Elopement in Paris 30Elopement in Paris 31Elopement in Paris 32Elopement in Paris 33Elopement in Paris 34Elopement in Paris 35Elopement in Paris 36Elopement in Paris 37Elopement in Paris 38Elopement in Paris 39Elopement in Paris 40Elopement in Paris 41Elopement in Paris 42

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