What is an elopement

An elopement is not a simple photoshoot, it’s a marriage, a ceremony with ebride and groom who are eloping…in most of the case, it is a symbolic ceremony not involving a religion and done either outdoor or in a private venue like a chateau, a room or in a public area like in front of Eiffel tower, a garden etc etc. Starting from the ceremony you can enrich your elopement with many different steps.

a intimate wedding, elopment in pavillon de musique

Why to do your elopement  in Paris

An elopement  is a dream for a lot of couple. Paris stays the most symbolic city to get married. We know a lot of place to make it outside with the Eiffel tower or the river in the background. Paris is so romantic by daylight or even by night. A sunrise in Montmartre, a sunset on a bridge like Bir hakeim or Alexandre III will stay in your memory for a long time. Elopement in Paris is the one we do often.

The difference with othe cities in europe is that Paris is amazing just at the corner of the street, everywhere you can discover something.


a marriage in paris, elopement in front of the eiffel tower
a marriage in paris, elopement in front of the eiffel tower


same sex wedding in paris, elopement in front of eiffel tower

How to organize your Elopement

As a wedding, you can have the same steps: getting ready, first look (or not), Ceremony, a couple photoshoot, a diner, a first dance, a wedding cake.. Also mostly we have only the couple but more and more we have a few relatives and it becomes a very intimate wedding

Starting with photoshoot of one hour we can organize a session in 2 parts for having morning light and warm colours for the sunset and evening (1hour + 1 hour until 3h + 3 h). If you have a dream in mind, let me know, i like to work out the box for my clients.


a marriage in paris, elopement in front of the eiffel tower


In other city as Paris

It can be also in Sevilla, Florence, or anywhere you would like. If you are interestd by a full day wedding with your family and guests, have  alook into my dedicated website for destination wedding

What is your dream ?



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