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Stefani asked me to organize a session with balloons in front of the tower. It was like a dream coming from Australia, i can understand and i was a bit different thanmy usual session with a romantic couple kissing.. The first thing is to be able to manage the 2 nice little girls (1 and 3) and when it’s early morning (and cold) it’s not so easy but my secret weapon is i speak eanglish currently for 1 and 3 years, then i was very comfortable with my new frinds…But finally after several jumps, runs we said goodby to the balloons (a wild balloon needs freedom to grow up, yeeessssss!)we moved quickly to a café (my secret spot) to enjoy a hot chocolate “avec des tartines”…

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family photographer in Paris


Hi, I will be visiting Paris with my 3 children – 3 sons (9,7 and 2 years old from 13 to 16 June 15. May I know whats the price for an hour session at the Effiel Tower?

Hi, i will be visiting Paris with my 5yo son, my sister & an aunt in Mid March 2015. May i know whats the price for an hour session at the Effiel Tower?

Hello Sir,
My husband and I will be visiting Paris in September and I’d love to schedule a short photo shoot with you at your convenience.


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