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Photos in Paris and beyond

As photographer specializing in families and weddings, my portfolio covers a variety of happy occasions including proposal, engagement, honeymoon, family, pregnancy and even elopement, the latter being primarily on my sister website The style is not always the same, it depends entirely on you and the environment we are in. I never attempt to re-do previous shots in a catalogue fashion, your session is completely personalised. That is my aim: to make photos of you for you.



Let's get started - I can't wait to meet you!

Love Story Photographer in Paris 1

Love Story Photographer in Paris

They came from Russia for their Love story in Paris. To make it differently as usual I picked them up after a diner in a nice restaurant in Paris and we started with the night session (even if i put t...

Prewedding at Sunrise 2

Prewedding at Sunrise

A&G decided to shoot very early for their first part of pre wedding photoshoot and to catch the light of sunrise and we were really lucky because it was magical with a orange and then red behind the c...

(not classical) honeymoon session in Paris 3

(not classical) honeymoon session in Paris

Shqipe and Arton came from Albania for their honeymoon, of course they chose Paris (you know why? no? drop us a mail…) and the photoshoot had been organized in two different locations following our ...

birthday surprise in Paris (or love in February...) 4

birthday surprise in Paris (or love in February…)

Mani organised this photoshoot as a surprise for the Jag birthday, she was very enthousiastic and despite the so-so weather (yes we are in February, then don't be surprised by the sky) she couple was ...

Honeymoon early morning 5

Honeymoon early morning

They flew very long time to enjoy a session early morning, a photoshoot in Paris for their honeymoon. Patrick was very happy to share some intimate moments with Angela after their wedding in Australia...

Love in Paris, a bit of editorial 6

Love in Paris, a bit of editorial

A very nice photoshoot in Paris for Maha and Farid after their wedding in Dubai. This walk was a pretext to make pictures with a very natural and comfortable approach. Despite the bad weather and some...

Honeymoon in Paris 7

Honeymoon in Paris

E&B decided to come in Paris for their honeymoon... unfortunately, as you can see, the weather was not on our side. But they decided to be happy without blue sky and warm temperature... JUst got an u...

Honeymoon in Paris 8

Honeymoon in Paris

Ingrid and Christopje just married a few weeks before to come in Paris for their Honeymoon. They came from Austria for having good moments in Paris and choose some opened area to take a walk without t...

Paris in Winter 9

Paris in Winter

The temperature was very low for an honeymoon session. Ariane and David came from Illinois to enjoy their escape to Paris. Smiling most of the time, it was a pleasure to shoot this nice and friendly c...

Proposal on the riverside 10

Proposal on the riverside

For their engagement session they choosed to come in Paris. Xavier & Sarah planned to get married in Toronto a few month later. Today is a very sunny morning giving this special light, a little fo...


Their first period for vacation in Paris, Rui & Zeck came from Singapour to enjoy the first sunbeam of the spring and to keep memory with a photoshoot session. Like an Honeymoon after getting married ...

love session for Vanessa & Sebastien 12

love session for Vanessa & Sebastien

Vanessa & Sebastien wanted to go in real parisian spots. You know, not the one where you will be crowded by tourist and their "clic lic". I proposed a tour starting with one my favorite area to ta...