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Photos in Paris and beyond

As photographer specializing in families and weddings, my portfolio covers a variety of happy occasions including proposal, engagement, honeymoon, family, pregnancy and even elopement, the latter being primarily on my sister website The style is not always the same, it depends entirely on you and the environment we are in. I never attempt to re-do previous shots in a catalogue fashion, your session is completely personalised. That is my aim: to make photos of you for you.



Let's get started - I can't wait to meet you!

Elopement in Paris at Eiffel 1

Elopement in Paris at Eiffel

D&K came from the USA and chose Paris for their elopement and me as their photographer for this special event in their life. A longer elopement than usual, we started in the morning and we finis...

photos by day and night in Paris 2

photos by day and night in Paris

A lovely couple for a lovely photoshoot in Paris, done in 2 parts: day and night light for the Jennifer and June engagement in Paris. The double photohoot is a great choice, as you know you need a few...

Elopement in Rome 3

Elopement in Rome

Yes I am photographer in Paris, but especially based in Paris. I am able much totravel for weddings, photoshoots or elopements. I do not want to be too much tagged only in Paris. Thus this time I pub...

marriage birthday in Paris 4

marriage birthday in Paris

A marriage birthday in Paris, what a great idea... Lucy and Eric choosed to come 1 year after their wedding to celebrate their 1st birthday with a session excepted a few with the Eiffel tower as backd...

Gold "J'adore...", a classy session by night 5

Gold “J’adore…”, a classy session by night

Renee asked me to shoot at some elegant spots for their honeymoon in Paris. They are incredibly elegant when posing, it's a natural way for them, a gold dress with strass consistent with the spotlight...

Love session in Paris 6

Love session in Paris

A 10 years birthday of wedding capturd for film and video at the same time. Your memory in still and motion in a fusion clip. Just be natural and relax and we do the rest of the job, finally you take...

Elopement in chateau d'Esclimont 7

Elopement in chateau d’Esclimont

We are alone in the chateau d'Esclimont for a very intimate wedding. An elopement for Karina and Alexei, far from Russia for a few days.Just the time to enjoy a bit ofParis and around during Summer, t...

Honeymoon in Paris 8

Honeymoon in Paris

E&B decided to come in Paris for their honeymoon... unfortunately, as you can see, the weather was not on our side. But they decided to be happy without blue sky and warm temperature... JUst got an u...

Take a walk in Paris 9

Take a walk in Paris

Anyta & Cyrus choosed Paris for their photoshoot before their wedding, you can see this nice couple always smile.. when they don't smile.. they jump, they love jump.. don't ask me why. A modern couple...