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Photos in Paris and beyond

As photographer specializing in families and weddings, my portfolio covers a variety of happy occasions including proposal, engagement, honeymoon, family, pregnancy and even elopement, the latter being primarily on my sister website The style is not always the same, it depends entirely on you and the environment we are in. I never attempt to re-do previous shots in a catalogue fashion, your session is completely personalised. That is my aim: to make photos of you for you.



Let's get started - I can't wait to meet you!

The Louvre early morning, pre wedding and Pyramid 1

The Louvre early morning, pre wedding and Pyramid

A photoshoot early morning at the Louvre pyramid is nice if we do really early to avoid the crowd around. The feeling is really different with a very peacefull atmospher and the result is beyond a sim...

a photoshoot in the fog 2

a photoshoot in the fog

Today Paris is foggy, a normal weather for October. Mary and Nick came from US for an engagement session and despite the temperature, the fog and a bit of rain it was very dynamic and vibrant. Why the...

Elopement in Versailles and Paris 3

Elopement in Versailles and Paris

Today we go to the garden of "chateau de Versailles" for the elopement of Candice and Patrick. I think you guess what i thought when i saw Candice.. just "waowww". It's obvious they are in love, each ...

(not classical) honeymoon session in Paris 4

(not classical) honeymoon session in Paris

Shqipe and Arton came from Albania for their honeymoon, of course they chose Paris (you know why? no? drop us a mail…) and the photoshoot had been organized in two different locations following our ...

The B's in real.... 5

The B’s in real….

To have the chance to cross the road of these girls is just a gift for a photographer. With my exchange of mail with Julie i was expecting something cool but more "family and friends visiting Paris" s...

New concept at My Paris Photographer: the Live Experience session 6

New concept at My Paris Photographer: the Live Experience session

My Paris Photographer is happy to offer a different type of photography session;  the Live Experience Session. Many Paris Photographers have the classic routine of posing couples and families in the ...

marriage birthday in Paris 7

marriage birthday in Paris

A marriage birthday in Paris, what a great idea... Lucy and Eric choosed to come 1 year after their wedding to celebrate their 1st birthday with a session excepted a few with the Eiffel tower as backd...

mini session in Montmartre with real live experience, more coming soon.. 8

mini session in Montmartre with real live experience, more coming soon..

We are very proud to introduce a new offer at "My Paris Photographer". You can choose for a mini session in Montmartre, specially dedicated for something different: more connections, more vibrant, mor...

Featuring in "Your engagement" magazine 9

Featuring in “Your engagement” magazine

I am very happy to share with you my featuring in Your engagement magazine, you can read the full issue and the article there.You can recognize Nina and Dmitry from my blog: Love story in Paris. ...

sunset session in Paris 10

sunset session in Paris

A session just before the sunset with C&G, before their wedding the week after in the countryside. It's a nice evening for them  and also the opportunity for me to explain my approach on the field...

engagement in paris 11

engagement in paris

One of the first nice morning of the spring, this year the spring (on the field)  is a bit late. We (the photographer) are like the bears, at the end of winter, after sleeping or shooting by night we ...

engagement in Paris 12

engagement in Paris

What an amazing couple, both very charming. They came from US to celebrate their engagement and so happy that even with a grey sky, very uncertain, they were smiling, touching, fondling each other. Yo...

some sunshine in winter 13

some sunshine in winter

Today is a special couple session.. i met Stephane for the first time a few years ago during a workshop i teached. When he asked me to capture a bit of intimate moments with his "fiançée", for sure, i...

La petite robe noire 14

La petite robe noire

<H1> Paris photoshoot with a little black dress</h1> <h2>Around the Louvre</h2>A session in Paris with a shower of sunshine, "une petite robe noire", some red ...

Sunshine in the morning 15

Sunshine in the morning

Audrey and John came from Australia for their engagement session in Paris. A very simple couple, very energetic and easy to work with. The Australian  are used to wake up early to enjoy the nature and...

Good morning Montmartre 16

Good morning Montmartre

Hikoma and Lang came from Hong Kong for their pre wedding in Paris. A very casual and relax session starting early morning in Montmartre. Finally we spend a long time around going in the little street...

birthday surprise in Paris (or love in February...) 17

birthday surprise in Paris (or love in February…)

Mani organised this photoshoot as a surprise for the Jag birthday, she was very enthousiastic and despite the so-so weather (yes we are in February, then don't be surprised by the sky) she couple was ...

Honeymoon early morning 18

Honeymoon early morning

They flew very long time to enjoy a session early morning, a photoshoot in Paris for their honeymoon. Patrick was very happy to share some intimate moments with Angela after their wedding in Australia...