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Photos in Paris and beyond

As photographer specializing in families and weddings, my portfolio covers a variety of happy occasions including proposal, engagement, honeymoon, family, pregnancy and even elopement, the latter being primarily on my sister website The style is not always the same, it depends entirely on you and the environment we are in. I never attempt to re-do previous shots in a catalogue fashion, your session is completely personalised. That is my aim: to make photos of you for you.



Let's get started - I can't wait to meet you!

awards for a proposal shoot in paris 1

awards for a proposal shoot in paris

I am very happy to have been recognised for a proposal photoshoot in Paris I photographed a few weeks ago. We won together with Garvin and Joyce, it’s a team success, an engagement photographer is n...

A proposal in Paris 2

A proposal in Paris

What a great proposal in Paris today, even if it’s foggy in Paris, as often it is in November or in between seasons. Probably you would like a blue sky, because this is the Paris you suppose. Maybe ...

Sunrise proposal in Paris 3

Sunrise proposal in Paris

A perfect morning, with a bit of cloud to have a great background and light with the sunrise, the temperature is warmer than is normal for autumn. We begin the photoshoot as usual to make them comfo...

proposal in Paris 4

proposal in Paris

A proposal in Paris done following a paparazzi mode... not so obvious if you want to capture great and emotional moments, specially when you want to be in a quite area. Probably you have seen so many ...

proposal in paris 5

proposal in paris

Kyle contacted me several months ago to organize his wedding proposal in Paris. Initially, the idea was to do it during a skating session at Trocadero. But unfortunately, it was not planned by the may...

Proposal and engagement in Paris 6

Proposal and engagement in Paris

A proposal at Eiffel tower in Paris, it seems so amazing when you dont live there. Finally, yes it is, even if i grew up in Paris it's still a great moment to be there very early (we shoot the proposa...

Proposal in Paris, Eiffel riverside 7

Proposal in Paris, Eiffel riverside

A nice morning, sunshine, love in the air, what a better condition? Marco asked me to photograph his proposal at the Seine riverside, exceptionally it's not a paparazzi cover as i am used to do. We st...

Sunrise proposal at Eiffel tower 8

Sunrise proposal at Eiffel tower

Today we are in front of the Eiffel tower for a very early sunrise proposal in Paris at Eiffel tower. Dion is in love with Paris and in love with Sheila. Then it was obvious to come to Paris and the E...

Proposal in paris 9

Proposal in paris

Chantal asked me to photograph her proposal in Paris, officially it was a photoshoot just after the sunrise. Martha did not guess anything then when Chantal popped up the box it was a great surprise. ...

Proposal on a boat 10

Proposal on a boat

A big surprise for her. Actually a double in one. A private car catch her at the hotel, she arrives blindfolded on the riverside. First surprise : this a cruise with a photographer, a bottle of Champa...

do you want to marry me ? 11

do you want to marry me ?

This is not the first proposal i shoot in front of the Eiffel tower, but that's the first with the box on the wrong side... a very good idea to have laugh and tears at the same time. I choosed to show...

Love session in Paris 12

Love session in Paris

A 10 years birthday of wedding capturd for film and video at the same time. Your memory in still and motion in a fusion clip. Just be natural and relax and we do the rest of the job, finally you take...

Proposal in Paris under the rain on the river bank 13

Proposal in Paris under the rain on the river bank

Rodd wanted to organize a paparazzi shoot for his proposal. That's not easy specially at a location where you are alone under the rain...The trick is to arrive on location and to start the proposal ve...

Proposal in Paris 14

Proposal in Paris

John asked me to organize a session for his couple during their travel in Paris. For Eileen it was just a session but between John and me it was a lot more...Th eplan was to do his proposal in between...

Proposal on the riverside 15

Proposal on the riverside

For their engagement session they choosed to come in Paris. Xavier & Sarah planned to get married in Toronto a few month later. Today is a very sunny morning giving this special light, a little fo...

paris photographer

Proposal on the river bank in Paris

Miles was very nervous coming on the site with Jaimie. I was waiting "incognito"... because Miles wanted i cover his proposal to Jaimie. I proposed to do it on the river bank in a very quiet place, at...