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Photos in Paris and a bit everywhere

As photographer specialized around family and wedding, you can see different types like proposal, engagement, honeymoon, family, pregnancy and even elopement. Although these are specially on my other website The style is not always the same, it depends on you, the location, the weather, i don’t try to redo the same like a catalog. I follow your own personnalities, that’s my aim: to make photos of you for you.



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Blog photos in Paris 1 Family session around Eiffel tower A family coming for Paris family photos session, from far, far to the east (seen from Paris) with their little boy and the grandma. As often, he plays shy, but looks at me laughing, with an eye at th... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 2 The family and the Eiffel tower You plan to come in Paris and to have memories with the iconic Eiffel tower in the background. No doubt, you have 3 possibilities. Here i tell you 2 locations: from Trocadero and from Bir Hakeim brid... READ MORE family photoshoot at Pont neuf Family photoshoot in Paris They comes from LA for a family photoshoot in Paris, on vacations for a few days in Paris. S&V are really amateurs of the Parisian way of life. They came several time, V speaks a bit french with ... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 3 Babymoon photo session for the 3rd one… Taking pictures of pregnancy in Paris is a great idea, it's a great way to announce the good news of the baby coming. Today is the third child's birthday. Until now I have shown couples who were expec... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 4 My Pregnancy photoshoot in Paris J&G asked me to be their pregnancy photographer in Paris and to follow them in different iconic places. I am used to shoot for my french customers either in my studio or outdoor with more natural ... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 5 family session with love, fun and balloons Stefani asked me to organize a session with balloons in front of the tower. It was like a dream coming from Australia, i can understand and i was a bit different thanmy usual session with a romantic c... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 6 family portrait in Paris, with style… The Angela's family comes from Pearland, Texas to visit and enjoy Paris. What a great idea to make a family portrait session... Today is the Angela's Birthday, just 'bip bip' years, waow.. amazing... ... READ MORE