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As photographer specialized around family and wedding, you can see different types like proposal, engagement, honeymoon, family, pregnancy and even elopement. Although these are specially on my other website The style is not always the same, it depends on you, the location, the weather, i don’t try to redo the same like a catalog. I follow your own personnalities, that’s my aim: to make photos of you for you.



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Blog photos in Paris 1 Award for engagement photography As you may know, I am also a wedding and elopement photographer, i am member of the WPJA association for wedding photography and i participate to the wedding contest. Recently I started to participate... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 2 Couple photoshoot in Paris They came from Switzerland to spend a few time in Paris, then it's a great opportunity to capture love and to make a couple photoshoot in Paris. They asked me to make it around Eiffel tower, tha's no... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 3 Photos in Paris I like to photograph people in love, you would say, ok but that's allways  the case when they ask for a photoshoot. Actually, it's not so often visible, and with them, let say P&C, for me it has b... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 4 pre wedding at Notre Dame, Paris I met L & A for a pre wedding photoshoot a few days before their wedding in Paris. Thay wanted to have something different and then we decided to make it with the warm orange at sunset. It changes... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 5 photos by day and night in Paris A lovely couple for a lovely photoshoot in Paris, done in 2 parts: day and night light for the Jennifer and June engagement in Paris. The double photohoot is a great choice, as you know you need a few... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 6 proposal in paris Kyle contacted me several months ago to organize his wedding proposal in Paris. Initially, the idea was to do it during a skating session at Trocadero. But unfortunately, it was not planned by the may... READ MORE mini session in paris for photoshoot The little red dress Photos in Paris The little red dress You probably know the little black dress, with Audrey Hepburn, today this is the Anisa's little red dress and the black hat. You know this iconic location,... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 7 balloons and Eiffel tower for a pre wedding S&V choosed Paris for their engagement and pre wedding photos, a double photoshoot with sunrise and sunset. There are several nice and iconic places for the sunrise and not only Trocadero with the... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 8 Proposal and engagement in Paris A proposal at Eiffel tower in Paris, it seems so amazing when you dont live there. Finally, yes it is, even if i grew up in Paris it's still a great moment to be there very early (we shoot the proposa... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 9 love and sunshine in Paris I am late with my posts on this blog, sorry, too much work but finally it's good because right now it's grey and rainy in Paris and then posting an article about love and sunshine is a good way to in... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 10 photoshoot early morning in paris As probably you know, the weather in summer is quite unpredictable, even the temperature can be like in October. Be positive, the weather can be nice several time in the same day (as we say about Brit... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 11 Rewarded at WPS photo contest I just won a new award at a photo contest: THE WPS round n° 27. Then i am very happy again with this image from a same sex proposal and engagement photoshoot. You can have a look into the full post : ... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 12 Proposal in Paris, Eiffel riverside A nice morning, sunshine, love in the air, what a better condition? Marco asked me to photograph his proposal at the Seine riverside, exceptionally it's not a paparazzi cover as i am used to do. We st... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 13 Engagement in Paris, sneak peak Coming from Toronto, Tobi & Joseph came in Paris for an engagement photoshoot before their wedding in June this year. We are lucky because in this "in between" period, we can have sunshine or not or e... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 14 rewarded at ISPWP FALL 2016 contest I am very happy to share with you this good news, i just won 3 awards at last ISPWP run for Fall 2016. The first 2 images has been done during engagement and pre wedding, the 3rd during a french weddi... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 15 Magical sunrise at Eiffel tower What a great morning for this photoshoot with Brittany Gidley who is family photographer in Cleveland. I am very proud to have been choosed by her for this sunrise photoshoot. We arrived at the perfec... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 16 Engagement session in Montmartre and around Eiffel tower They have a long distance relationshionship between Seattle and Chicago and finally they are together in San Francisco. What can we see as some common point with this session: their love for each othe... READ MORE Blog photos in Paris 17 a photoshoot in the fog Today Paris is foggy, a normal weather for October. Mary and Nick came from US for an engagement session and despite the temperature, the fog and a bit of rain it was very dynamic and vibrant. Why the... READ MORE