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As photographer specialized around family and wedding, you can see different types like proposal, engagement, honeymoon, family, pregnancy and even elopement. Although these are specially on my other website The style is not always the same, it depends on you, the location, the weather, i don’t try to redo the same like a catalog. I follow your own personnalities, that’s my aim: to make photos of you for you.



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To Elope in Paris, winter is coming 1 To Elope in Paris, winter is coming The fog for a very romantic elopement in Paris. The Eiffel tower is still there, as a witness even if we feel a part is missing. What a good idea to come in Autumn, ("Paris is always a good idea...") ... READ MORE Elopement in Paris at Eiffel 2 Elopement in Paris at Eiffel D&K came from USA and choosed Paris for their elopement and me as their photographer for this special event in their life. A longer elopement than usually, we strated in the morning and we finishe... READ MORE Elopement in Paris, green side 3 Elopement in Paris, green side Another photos of an elopement in Paris, not exactly in Paris, we are near Chateau de Versailles   in Louveciennes,in the beautiful and amazing Pavillon de musique de la Dubarry , if you don't know ye... READ MORE Elopement in Seville 4 Elopement in Seville Today i am in Seville, Spain, for an elopement; i follow my post in different places than Paris, next one should be in Florence, Italy. Maybe you know Seville, a very nice city, at the opposite of Par... READ MORE Elopement in Rome 5 Elopement in Rome Yes I am photographer in Paris, but especially based in Paris. I am able much totravel for weddings, photoshoots or elopements. I do not want to be too much tagged only in Paris. Thus this time I pub... READ MORE Elopement in Paris, nearby river side 6 Elopement in Paris, nearby river side It's a sunny day for the Emily and Shane elopement in Paris. They choosed with Pierre Henri (Intimate personalized symbolic ceremonies in Europe) to make it in front of the Eiffel tower, from the rive... READ MORE a winter elopement in paris 7 a winter elopement in paris Melissa and Ashley choosed Paris and the Eiffel tower to celebrate their marriage in winter., i just avoid to put the celebrant whith her funny wool cap on the picture. Dentelle dress is nice for the ... READ MORE Elopement in Versailles and Paris 8 Elopement in Versailles and Paris Today we go to the garden of "chateau de Versailles" for the elopement of Candice and Patrick. I think you guess what i thought when i saw Candice.. just "waowww". It's obvious they are in love, each ... READ MORE Love session in Paris 9 Love session in Paris A 10 years birthday of wedding capturd for film and video at the same time. Your memory in still and motion in a fusion clip. Just be natural and relax and we do the rest of the job, finally you take... READ MORE Elopement in chateau d'Esclimont 10 Elopement in chateau d’Esclimont We are alone in the chateau d'Esclimont for a very intimate wedding. An elopement for Karina and Alexei, far from Russia for a few days.Just the time to enjoy a bit ofParis and around during Summer, t... READ MORE Elopement in Paris, nearby a lake 11 Elopement in Paris, nearby a lake Teresa & David choosed to come in Paris for their elopement. A huge effort for David who hate to flight, and from Melbourne it's a very very long travel. I had the time to talk with their celebran... READ MORE