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As photographer specialized around family and wedding, you can see different types like proposal, engagement, honeymoon, family, pregnancy and even elopement. Although these are specially on my other website The style is not always the same, it depends on you, the location, the weather, i don’t try to redo the same like a catalog. I follow your own personnalities, that’s my aim: to make photos of you for you.



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The family and the Eiffel tower 1 The family and the Eiffel tower You plan to come in Paris and to have memories with the iconic Eiffel tower in the background. No doubt, you have 3 possibilities. Here i tell you 2 locations: from Trocadero and from Bir Hakeim brid... READ MORE Intimate wedding in Paris 2 Intimate wedding in Paris An intimate wedding in Paris, just in front of the Eiffel tower , a perfect morning for this summer day with a shower of sunshine. We wait for their 2cv Citroen. They arrive, followed by their famili... READ MORE family photoshoot at Pont neuf Family photoshoot in Paris They comes from LA for a family photoshoot in Paris, on vacations for a few days in Paris. S&V are really amateurs of the Parisian way of life. They came several time, V speaks a bit french with ... READ MORE A romantic pregnancy in Paris 3 A romantic pregnancy in Paris To have a first child, your first pregnancy is something extraordinary. Both for you (I suppose you read me and you are the mother) and for the father. So it's important for me to find a place without... READ MORE Award for engagement photography 4 Award for engagement photography As you may know, I am also a wedding and elopement photographer, i am member of the WPJA association for wedding photography and i participate to the wedding contest. Recently I started to participate... READ MORE Pregnancy photos by night in Paris 5 Pregnancy photos by night in Paris Doing a pregnancy session in Paris is a wonderful way to share an announcement card, doing the night sphotos is something even stronger.Start with the sun setting, take advantage of the darkness to sa... READ MORE Babymoon photo session for the 3rd one... 6 Babymoon photo session for the 3rd one… Taking pictures of pregnancy in Paris is a great idea, it's a great way to announce the good news of the baby coming. Today is the third child's birthday. Until now I have shown couples who were expec... READ MORE Couple photoshoot in Paris 7 Couple photoshoot in Paris They came from Switzerland to spend a few time in Paris, then it's a great opportunity to capture love and to make a couple photoshoot in Paris. They asked me to make it around Eiffel tower, tha's no... READ MORE awards for a proposal shoot in paris 8 awards for a proposal shoot in paris I am very happy to be rewarded for a proposal photoshoot in Paris i photographed a few weeks ago. We won together with Garvin and Joyce, it's team success, an engagement photographer is nothing with o... READ MORE day and night for love in Paris... 9 day and night for love in Paris… You know, i love the double photoshoot with day and night light. For me the first key point is the time we spend together allowing to go deeper. My way of shooting is you feel comfortable with everyth... READ MORE To Elope in Paris, winter is coming 10 To Elope in Paris, winter is coming The fog for a very romantic elopement in Paris. The Eiffel tower is still there, as a witness even if we feel a part is missing. What a good idea to come in Autumn, ("Paris is always a good idea...") ... READ MORE A proposal in Paris 11 A proposal in Paris What a great proposal in Paris today, even if it's foggy in Paris , as often in November or in between season. Probably you would like a blue sky, because this is the Paris you suppose. Maybe the situ... READ MORE Sunrise proposal in Paris 12 Sunrise proposal in Paris A perfect morning, with a bit of cloud to have a great background and light with the sunrise, the temperature is warmer than usual in autumn. We begin the photoshoot as usual to make them comfortable ... READ MORE Photos in Paris 13 Photos in Paris I like to photograph people in love, you would say, ok but that's allways  the case when they ask for a photoshoot. Actually, it's not so often visible, and with them, let say P&C, for me it has b... READ MORE Elopement in Paris at Eiffel 14 Elopement in Paris at Eiffel D&K came from USA and choosed Paris for their elopement and me as their photographer for this special event in their life. A longer elopement than usually, we strated in the morning and we finishe... READ MORE Exchange of vows in Paris 15 Exchange of vows in Paris Not a standard photoshoot, not really an elopement, Alanna and Brian wanted to exchange some vows in front of the Eiffel tower, something very short, a few minutes to read some words. Just for their l... READ MORE pre wedding at Notre Dame, Paris 16 pre wedding at Notre Dame, Paris I met L & A for a pre wedding photoshoot a few days before their wedding in Paris. Thay wanted to have something different and then we decided to make it with the warm orange at sunset. It changes... READ MORE photos by day and night in Paris 17 photos by day and night in Paris A lovely couple for a lovely photoshoot in Paris, done in 2 parts: day and night light for the Jennifer and June engagement in Paris. The double photohoot is a great choice, as you know you need a few... READ MORE