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To have a first child, your first pregnancy is something extraordinary. Both for you (I suppose you read me and you are the mother) and for the father. So it’s important for me to find a place without too many people around for your romantic pregnancy in Paris. A place on the side with a different view. It is true that these palm trees suggests something else and that is what is atypical. Why do you have the same picture as everyone else?

Jennifer and Pete come from England and are very comfortable with the cloudy weather that gives a romantic touch to Paris. Oh, suddenly a stroke of luck, the clouds tear and let a little sunlight through. Just enough time to illuminate the flowering trees and get that foggy, soft look specific to the sunrise as a backlight. Except for the Eiffel Tower, Jennifer also wanted to have something typical to announce the arrival of her little boy: pictures in a café. Using the little symbol “it’s a boy” that they got in England and make him travel to Paris. After several attempts more or less with chocolate, we found this solution.

Do you like it, would you like i make some photos for your pregnancy here?

couple in front of eiffel tower touching her belly at Trocadero a couple in love in the garden under the blossom treesblossom tree and pregnancy blossom at TRocadero the eiffel tower in the back ground its a boy sign face to face at the coffee shop

pregnancy photoshoot in Paris

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