What a great proposal in Paris today, even if it’s foggy in Paris , as often in November or in between season. Probably you would like a blue sky, because this is the Paris you suppose. Maybe the situation is different due to your workload or schedule and you have to come in winter. Actually this a good opportunity to have something different and you know i like when it’s different. It was so foggy that Gavin sent me message at 4 am the day before because the Eiffel tower was invisible and his hotel is in front…Finally we just decided to postpone a little to have a chance to see it more… because, yes, the Eiffel tower stays THE symbol of Paris, and Paris stays the symbol of love, then…..you guess: Eiffel is almost mandatory.
The fog gives a romantic grain on the photos, something romantic, the tower is like a ghost , as a witness…after the « yes » and emotion we decided to walk to Bir Hakeim bridge hoping to have, at least, a part of blue sky. But no, not at all, the blue sky will be for tomorrow, maybe.

If you find her firstname, some clues in this post,  your gift is 30mns free on you next photoshoot with me.

If you are motivated to surprised your beloved, you can read about my approach and more proposal in paris here



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