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Their first period for vacation in Paris, Rui & Zeck came from Singapour to enjoy the first sunbeam of the spring and to keep memory with a photoshoot session. Like an Honeymoon after getting married a fews years ago. We choosed to move walking in the area along the river. We start on the bank, we are almost alone, my favorite pair of swan not very far and a few people taking a walk like us. Rui wanted to make a pic at a terrace of cafe, the real parisian way of life (that’s the opinion of the est of the world..) I managed in order to go in a passage with the oldest known restaurant in paris (last 4 photos)….

do you want something like that ??

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We are going to have our honeymoon in late oct in Paris. We would like to have some photos taken when we are there.

We had a look at the photos on your site and would like to know about yiour pricing, details of the session and most importantly whether you are available to do it for us.


Heidi & David

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